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  1. When will I receive my order? Instant access as soon as you Buy on the Website and also on your Email Address.
  2. How Can I Download the Materials ? Once You Complete The Order , You Will Receive a Confirmation Email Contains all the Materials with Downloadable Links.
  3. Is It Life Time Access ? It’s Not Just Life Time Access , We always update the E-book with any new strategies and techniques , and send it to our Inner Circle Group Members for FREE !
  4. Do I get free updates? YES! You get 100% free auto updates. Whenever a new update is out, since everything is stored in the cloud, you will instantly be upgraded, hands-free.
  5. My Facebook Profile/BM/Ads Profile is restricted and I cannot use, what is the solution?This is a big problem that affects all of us advertisers, we have developed a useful protocol that can solve this problem.
  6. Many people report negatively my page and my Ads, what can I do?negative reports from competitors and malicious people can cause serious damage to your business, even the closure of all your fb profiles (BM, FP, ADS ACCOUNT) but also your own store. Of course, in all the stores you have to provide honest service and you don’t have to cheat anyone. However there is a unique and legitimate method to eliminate these negative feedback of competitors, we can provide the solution in our feedback pro product
  7. What about if the Business Manager gets banned? We provide a PDF created by 7/8 figures advertisers and leading IP experts. If follow this you will be able to keep advertising with less risk.
  8. How many BM can I Create? You can create Unlimited BMs for free in a single FB account.
  9. I always have Banned (rejected) ADS campaign, what can I do? This problem prevents 93% of advertisers to achieve success, this is because it prevents you from doing business, if you understand how the algorithm works fb you can easily circumvent this problem in a totally legal way, it’s all about understanding and having the right knowledge
  10. What Is Trust Score? How does It affects My Business? trust score is an FB scoring system, if you understand what positively and negatively affects this score, you can achieve success with more ease.
  11. I don't have good technical skills, Can I apply this method? you can apply our methods and protocols, they are perfectly elaborate and working, we explain step by step every single step to make everything as clear as possible. Also they are totally legal, if you don’t understand something or if you have particular problems, you can write to our support team
  12. What is the Telegram Community. Our community telegram is one of the largest and most specialized communities to understand the facebook system in a totally legal way. You will have access to special services that solve all your problems.
  13. How can I enter the Telegram community? Access is reserved exclusively to our customers as it is an exclusive service
  14. If I have problems or doubts how can I do it? Don't worry, Our services also includes assistance from us, in case you have difficulties you can write to .
  15. Who are we? What experience do we have. SwipeADS is composed of a unique and specialized team. within our team we can find figures of different types and professions. All our services are developed by the union of great experience in the field of figures such as digital entrepreneurs, marketers , SEO Experts, FB Advertisers and computer security experts. We have developed unique courses and protocols to solve any problem for those who want to undertake an online activity using FB platform to make advertising.
  16. I still have some questions. Who can I ask? Please send us a message at and we will get back to you and answer any questions you may have 

technical questions


We offer several types of services. The most popular ones are:

- Rent with fees the ad accounts of a BM Agency;

- Prepare on request an Agency with 2500 Ad Accounts and Credit Line Facebook Partnership

For advanced requests of this type, ask within the community or write to us at the service email.

We are selling STEP BY STEP guides that are practical and truly useful! Not just ebooks, we explain a Method or a Strategy to obtain the FINAL RESULT.

NO! We are not selling BMs or profiles, we are trying to explain how to REALLY work with Facebook ads. Because it is not acceptable to do business in 2021 and not know how not to be banned or always have interruptions in launching ads. Or throw away BUDGET in expensive traffic with HIGH CPM! This happens because you already have a ruined profile, whether it is BM or Profile or Feedback score

So talking about these two business models in particular there is one thing that they have in common: The need to know Facebook ads or bring quality traffic to our funnel/ecommerce.

These are the main reasons to have a profitable business.

Sometimes it happens that we have Facebook profile bannedor BMs banned or Ad account banned or Fanpages ruined and we don't even know it.

We explain how the Facebook algorithmworks and find a solution to every point of the system!

To solve the blocked business manager is not difficult, just resort to a more aggressive Appeal with a department of Facebook and succeed with due care to REGAIN the BM or profile PERMANENTLY BLOCKED.

We will also give you the Templates, if you are interested look for the service SHIELD PROTOCOL.

In our guides (UNLIMITED BM ELITE | GOLD PACK) we explain EXACTLY in an EASY and GUIDED way how to generate BM in 3 DIFFERENT METHODS.

You can ALWAYS create these BMs for FREE.

The process is very simple and allows you to create them even if you have reached the limit of creation per profile.

This is a management issue, but when it happens Facebook also recognizes new pages you create.

In our guides we explain 2 simple ways to clean up the feedback score, so you can reuse your page and a method to reduce the quality of the page as little as possible (PERFECT FOR DROPSHIPPING)

You can find this service in the Gold or Diamond package, however yes!

We explain the verification via Domain, Verified Domain or via Phone Number which is the fastest!

So there is a mistake here in thinking about our services due unfortunately to the niche in question.

Our methods that we teach are 100% Compliant with Facebook policies, we simply tell you how things are with the Facebook Algorithm, what it evaluates, what is the TRUST SCORE, the Facebook scoring system, how to work with Facebook SUITE, how to share business lines and not lose in any way the PIXEL data.

By purchasing one of our any PACK you will automatically receive the link to access our community.

Of course!

We offer a 100% partial or full refund if you prove to us that our methods do not work or you do not get the results you expect.

We care about our community and our customers, so don't hesitate to write us.